does it make sense to do a sleeve and valve replacement in the valve body. on 1997 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

the reason i ask this i was on here a few days ago and a trans guy was telling somebody with the same problems i am have 1870 code...that loc-up port in the valve body can be fixed to help with a hard shift problem. I have a 1997 4x4 1500 5.7 Chevy truck and i recently made an appt. to get just that done.the trans guy knew exactly what i was talking about, got a price and all good to i though till i read this...and this is a quote...""The 1870 code usually means bad transmission or valve body, probably better off just replacing transmission."" Now that being said i am really confused now. Can any body shed some light for me, my appt. is on tue.23rd so the sooner the better. Thanks Brad

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