Does changing the water pump cause the timimg to be off? on 2001 Infiniti QX4

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After changing my water pump on my truck my car started shifting very hard and slow while going from 0-20. I also changed my fan clutch and thermostat.
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considering the pump is driven off the timing chain , the odds are pretty good the timing is off. Did you do this job yourself , and did you have a service manual or 'just wing it'? One link off can give the symptoms you describe, sorry.
Who did the work and do they have (or access to) a service manual to see how to install the chain properly?
I will make sure that he looks at the service manual to install it properly, I don't have to purchase a new one do I?
any year manual that has the correct inf & diagrams , to install the chain &tensioner set-ups (that apply to an '01 QX4) should be okay.Otherwise , if you have a friendly neighborhood nissan or infiniti dealer around , they might be able to help some.Years ago when I had my own shop , before everyone was on-line I would routinely go in and borrow dealer manuals for job specs & special procedures (I also purchased a lot of parts from them). good luck.
No you don't need to buy a new chain or pump just set it up correctly ---- sorry about my goof!! Mis-understood your question about needing to buy "a new one" never mind , I thought you were meaning the service manual (big DUH moment!!).Hope you see this soon enough.