does Barr's stop leak work well with small leaks in radiator ? on 1995 Toyota Camry

my leak is so small that it takes a couple days before I can add any water/antifreeze..

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Replace radiator it can not be repaired! Made of aluminum & plastic. Not that expensive, and if the plastic cracks more, and it will, could lead to roadside tow bill or major engine damage!
What would you think a fair price to have this done might be ? Right now I am just in between a rock and a hard spot now at X-mas..I don't drive much and just trying to find some cheap way for a couple months.. but I am curious of the " not so expensive " and who would give me the fairest price ?..I thought all toyota stuff was a bit costly..
Advance Auto Parts has got a pretty good radiator for the money. Can't tell what it will cost for parts & labor there though.
Here where i am about 230.00 Total. Coolant included.
I had a small leak in my radiator. I made a temporary repair with an epoxy that had the consistency of clay initially then turned very hard. You should be able to find it at a local Auto parts store. Be sure to wear some disposable rubber gloves while kneading (as I say it's like clay...when you knead it mixes compounds that will cause it to harden in a few hours) It can be used on wet items so it is well suited for this type of temporary repair. Just push the material into the small leak. It held up well until I was able to afford a new radiator. I agree that you should fix it right ASAP. Hope this helps! I know what its like to be short on the $!
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They have a better product than Barr's...try it
I don't like the use of any stop leak. It tends to gum up the radiator and other parts of the cooling system.
If your looking for a cheap fix, remove the radiator and solder the leak up.if you have to use a stop leak like bars, I would use one that is liquid glass.
yes I would like to remove the radiator and solder the leak up but am not physically able. I might try this liquid glass if it is in most auto parts stores. I may try to save some $ and replace but I imagine the cost of the radiator and the installation might be a bit more than I have at this time. I moved to Cincinnati and have not really found many honest mechanics. A few past experiences .