does ayone answer the qestions that people post on this site.anywy i need some on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

help with my truck,im in the prossesing of changeing my fuel pump ,ive already dropped the tank and replased it from the tank.i need someone to come to my house that is qualified to do electrical multimetering so all the relays and fuses to the injecters have the right amount of amps and answer soon would be nice

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I changed my mind!! Ain't even going to try. I see it is no use. Can't even try to help some people!
That was just one for the 'entertainment factor' , I believe.......never mind..
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Why are you changing the fuel pump and do you have a mobile auto repair service in your area? What other questions have you posted , that have you asking if anyone answers the questions here? Your questions indicate to me that I would question why you've dropped 'the tank' .
lol.your funny.and not very knowlegeable i hope your just kidding.i hope your not in charge of this site please tell your not.
Nope , thank god! IF your so 'knowledgeable' then why are you ASKING and why do you side-step my questions?THOSE answers might be helpful in order to ANSWER your questions properly!