Does anyone know what could make the spark plugs be stuck SEVERELY in the head? on 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

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3 of them are anyhow, the 4th plug came out no problem..The plugs were installed a couple yrs. ago...The car did have a head gasket blow & fixed recently.....
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Spark plugs get seized from heat, corrosion, over tightening and age. In your case it sounds like the differential in thermal expansion/contraction of the cylinder head and the spark plugs is the problem, I am guessing that it’s an aluminum head, the steel threads of your spark plugs and the aluminum have seized together. Always let aluminum heads cool before attempting to remove spark plugs. Blow compressed air at the base of the plugs to remove dirt and debris and soak them in penetrating spray, put a spark plug socket with a long extension over them and tap tap tap the extension with a hammer to create vibrations and help the penetrating spray do its job. Then attach a long handled ratchet and PRAY as you turn the plugs. I have used this technique many times and have yet to snap a spark plug which will turn into a nightmare if it does happen. I do recommend that you start using anti-seize anytime you’re threading steel into aluminum to prevent this from happening again. Also, torque spark plugs to no more than 18 Ft. Lbs. or to manufacturer’s specifications. Hope this helps...
sounds like some over tighted the plugs and forgot to put anti seize on the threads
thanx, but its my friends car & i changed the plugs...i did not use anti sieze but i never have..and ive been a motor head all my life, used to have a couple drag cars, and ive changed well over 500 plugs in everything from a Briggs & Stratton to 2 ton trucks and have never had a problem before. Do 4 cyl. have a problem with that? ive never had less than a 3.4 6 cyl....thanks for responding, i appreciate it...