Does anyone know how to bleed cooling system and heater core on 2001 Cadillac De on 2001 Cadillac DeVille

2001 Cadillac Deville. Has air pocket in heater core. Was running hot we installed waterpump, thermostat, and radiator cap, had problem getting air out of system but thought we did, car not running hot but hear water sloushing in heater core. will this harm core/ Need to bleed if anyone can help us with advice. Thank you.

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the air should bleed itself out if thats your noise. drive car and continue to ck water level, keep heater on while driving
Thank you that is what i thought too but needed some reassurance.
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i agree with the 1st answer, keep a very close eye on the fluid levels and your temp gauge, if it keeps overheating the headgaskets are bad, they are notorious for it- very expensive and difficult to do. I have done several of them.....
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