does anyone have any idea why a 1998 lincoln conti whould sputter and jerks on 1998 Lincoln Continental

it normaly happens when i push the gas peddal kinda hard to gain speed it doesnt want to go over 3 rpm. ive tried fuel treatments with no luck. i really dont think its the tranny at all but i also have no idea what it is. can anybody help? does this car have a govener or something that might be wrong

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check fuel pressure
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I would check mass air flow sensor, If you or anyone else has removed the wiring clip to it, you need to recheck the connection. The otter pin in the harnnes clip likes to kick sideways and not make connection when put back on, and yes the darn thing will connect back in without forcing, I prommiss. I would have diagnostics tested, but this is where i would start. My good freind had this problem with the clip, but only after replacing mass air sensor. The original was bad and givivg your symptons. Let me know what ya find and good luck!