Does anyone else have multiple problems with your 2009 Mercury? on 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis

The heater and air conditioning change randomly from blowing out the floor to the defrost and the vents. Two of the display lights for the heat/air are out. The car makes a noise like air being blown through a straw at random. The automatic trunk release works only sometimes and the alert light for the trunk being open is lit even though the trunk is shut. Don Ledford Ford Dealership in Chattanooga repair shop staff have been everything but helpful. They want to keep the car for a week to "check it out."

by in Macon, GA on February 07, 2014
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ANSWER by on February 07, 2014
Good mechanic with a professional scanner is what you need! Not necessarily at a dealership.
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COMMENT by on July 25, 2015
I don't know how good a mechanic they need to be, because I have the same exact issues down to the trunk open message even when the trunk is closed, now I know it's the car itself, Im starting to think this car was a bad purchase after all, i mean I love my car , but multiple things wrong at one time really make your user experience unpleasant