Does anyone else have a bearing howling noise from the rear end at 58-60 mph? on 2013 Toyota Tacoma

At 58-68 mph there is a low volume howling noise that comes from the rear of the truck. It does vary/ come and go a little (at the 58-60 speed)as torque changes as roadway inclines and declines. Any clues?

by in Gaston, OR on October 08, 2013
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ANSWER by , August 06, 2014
Yes,I have a 2013 Tacoma and mine would howl at 50 mph.Went to dealer and they had my truck for 2.5 days when I went back they said this was standard and they couldn't duplicate the sound.Needless to say I was mad and told them they was bull shitting me.The howl keep getting louder and I went back and told them about 3 week later that I wanted my truck fixed or else,the truck had less than 8 thousand miles on it.Well they replaced the differential and this solved my problem.Two days later while surfing the internet I came across a TSB -0057-13 which was issued on 4/26/13,fix for noise is replace the differential.I don't have any faith in Toyota products or service!!! Oh! TSB means Technical Service Bulletin they knew the problem before i brought it in the first time in June 2014.This covers several years of Tacoma trucks.
COMMENT by , August 06, 2014
You know I don't get it... Toyota is paying them to do the work so one would think it would not be so hard to get it fixed!!!
ANSWER by , October 08, 2013
What does the dealer say it is on this new truck?
COMMENT by , October 09, 2013
They didn't have time to join test drive at highway speeds to be able to experience it... They did 'look it up' and said it was a known issue but there was no fix available form Toyota yet.
COMMENT by , October 09, 2013
Well i be dipped. That' a lot of help! I don't know of anything else. Maybe call Toyota.
COMMENT by , October 09, 2013
Yep - seems I'm dipped too...
COMMENT by , October 10, 2013
Sour cream & onions?
COMMENT by , October 10, 2013
That's better than what i had in mind! Damn it ziptie, i just got back from the store, had to have some chips and dip, for some funny reason!
ANSWER by , May 02, 2014
Yes I have a 2013 and at 55 to 70 mph if I was cursing if I barley touch the gass I could here a light howel I guess. I took it to Desert Toyota and they put a new ring & pinon in it. When I went to pick it up they said we have a diff. problem now.When I let off the gas now the same howl is herd . But the first problem is gone now.They ask me to drive it some and let them know. I drove it home 80 miles and just for the heck of it I got under it and touched the diff. housing and man it was hot as fire. I don't know. I ask a friend about the noise he said it was the drive-line not the diff. he thought.Said it needed calibrated that's why the noise changed it was put on different location as for as rotation .May be