does anybody wanna trade thier chevy for my lousy ford f-150.i'll take blazers on 2000 Ford F-150

silverados,colorados,camaros,luminas anything chevy cause ford sucks/allways has allways will.

Asked by of Joels Auto Service for the 2000 Ford F-150
IF you can find me a halfway decent 1994 Dodge Intrepid 3.3L with under 250K , I might be tempted to swipe the '03 Silverado off the lot where I work. Drove it home last night (120 mile 'test drive' to set readiness monitors for emissions) ---it was nice , I'm just not a truck person.
lol my co-worker actually has an intreped it decent shape he wants to give away.
Is it the 'old' style and are you anywhere near marion county??.....