Does an alternator click when going bad? on 1998 Buick Riviera

Does an alternator click when going bad? I hear this clicking that seems to get louder the faster I go. I have parked the Riviera till I find an answer w/o taking it to mechancic.

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have some one check your flange gasket that is my guess first gasket known as donut ring its 7 bucks at part store and an hour 15 min to change out two bolts email me back if im right .
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This can be caused by many things, but probably not the alternator. You should have someone look at it though since it is almost impossible to diagnose without hearing the noise first hand.
Hi, If your alternator was "going out", chances are you would notice the headlights
being dimmer, and it would/could be checked with a "load tester" for batteries.
Probably not the alternator (unless bearings are going bad), usually don't
click, but, squeal. As for the clicking, this might be the start...of a failing water
pump, which would click faster...with engine running faster. The problem is
the engine temp light probably won't register until it's ready to overheat & die!
Good Luck - callhow
harmonic balancer...i have a riviera and thats the exact problems i had..i took it to a mechanic and they fixed it