Does a rusty undercarraige get better with time? on 2005 Nissan Altima

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima that has been through 7 winters. The undercarriage has a lot of rust, which has resulted in repair bills this year. Will the rust continue to get worse, since I now have the car in a warm weather state, or will it go into remission?

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once the car is rusted it is rusted the only way to stop it from rusting is have it sandlasted and undercoated
Wow, where could I get it SANDLASTED? I need my truck sandlasted since it would LAST a long time.
I live in canada and I can get a car sandblasted anywhere
Please have my truck SANDLASTED, I live in Northern California.
Spelchek botton broked
send it up here and I can getteer done eh
Weel do , don't ya know? :)........never mind....
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you will never solve this problem. you will have it forever,you may slow it down but thats it
Rusty undercarriages will either get worse or stay the is impossible to improve on its own...isn't Florida a humid state? Humidity causes rust so even while warm it is still not dry.