Does a 2008 Mazda have a California emission or a general emission? on 2008 Mazda Mazda3

I have to replace an upstream o2 sensor and wanted to know if it was California emission or general emission?

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Look at the Label under hood. Will say meets Ca. or Fed or Ca. & Fed emissions. Sorry PR did it again.
Hey, it's all good!! I am just glad it is not a question about the steering wheel not returning to center after bleeding brakes. Lol!
Ps, iguess it is just too hard to look for that emissions info. to be sure, as we suggested!!
Wow what a night. I like the answer about the air filter fix. No Worries.
I gotcha!!
YOU Never know if you have helped! Very few answer back.
Yes we do actually know! We just dont hear back!! That' ok too. We still know when we have nailed it!
Good thoughts, forgot how.
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Open drivers door and read the info. on the tags, one is affixed to the door the other to the door jam.
What will it tell me?
The answer to your question!!
No way we can know which emissions it has! It will be either Federal or Caifornia.
Being that you are in New York, if your car was originally sold in New York then it does have California Emissions, we have the same here in Pa. since 2004.
Thank you.
Where did you find it?