Does a 07 mazda 6 have 2 catalyst convertors? on 2007 Mazda Mazda6

It keeps throwing up the check engine light. I took it to a garage and they told me it was the convertors (2). They are wanting to charge me $1200 to replace two convertors. What did u think?

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If it is 'California' emissions then it has two .It sounds like it would be worth at least having it diagnosed at the dealer , then possibly ask friends etc. for references to a trustworthy shop in your area to do the repairs. Beware...if you have emissions inspections in your region , some aftermarket converters will not perform efficiently enough to pass inspection , depending on how they do the testing. On a lot of newer vehicles software problems can mis-interpret sensor inputs and cause 'false codes' or errors leading to (unintentional)mis-diagnosis. NOT that this is the case , but at $1200.00 , might be worth a check-in at the dealer. Good luck. ZOOM ZOOM?
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What are the codes?
Did you ever have your issue resolved. I'm having the same code with my 04 mazda and I passed smog emissions in CA but failed visual and functional due to the check engine light being on. I want to fix the right problem and not spend too much on replacing the CATS at this point.