Does 2001 Olds Alero have a timing belt I need to be concerned about changing? on 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

I do not see in the maint manual where it suggests changing the timing belt @ 70,000 miles

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Maint. manual probably won't recomend replacing something the car doesn't have. 2.4L or 3.4L engine?? Both are listed as CHAIN engines.
Thanks! As I looked up parts for the engine I found a listing for a timing chain as you have mentioned. I was aware that belts had to be replaced and had even had the experience of one breaking(on another car) but until now, after asking many mechanics,(backyard) they didn't know about my olds. Yes it is a 2.4L engine.

It has been stalling, hesitating and surging for the past couple months. Fuel injectors have been cleaned, a new spark plug top of 18mos, water leak fixed (outflow part), new fuel filter in place, Lucas gas treatment used and the oil seems to have a smell of gas from the dipstick. Transmission fluid has been added(needs new pan gasket) and the engine uses 1/2qt oil every 5,000miles or so. When it stalls out it starts right back up. It has had electrical problems with the hazard switch...which has been replaced twice, and the hvac fan speed switch which only works on medium and high. Thanks for clarifying the belt, chain timing question. God Bless!