Dodge Stratus Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Dodge Stratus

Dodge Stratus Problems

A plugged AC evaporator drain tube can cause a water leak inside the car; usually near the front passenger's feet.

Spark plug tube seals fail, causing the tubes to fill with engine oil and the engine to misfire. As a result, the engine may run poorly and fuel economy can suffer.

One or both windshield washer nozzles may plug or clog. There are revised washer nozzles available which are more resistant to plugging.

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Dodge Stratus Questions

On occasion while driving the signal lights, windows, heat/air, and radio will stop working. When I turn the car off and then back on again, everything works again. The battery and alternator were checked out and are working fine. What could be causing this problem?

For a 2001 Stratus with an automatic transmission I am trying figure out how to check the fluid for the trans-axle. i am not sure if I am just not seeing it but there is no dip stick like some might have. Is it possible one of the bolts for the ring around the shaft on the drivers side be a place...

I am curious to know if age more than anything can cause Sensors not work correctly without any codes? One in particular being the crank sensor and if it cause a pitch noise sort of like a high pitch hum. I am getting a noise at 40 mph like pulsing high pitch hum. When I let off the accelerator ...

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Dodge Stratus Recalls


The right steering knuckle may have been damaged during the manufacturing process. This could cause the steering knuckle to crack and separate from the upper control arm, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect and replace the right steering knuckle. This recall is expected to begin on December 27, 2004. Chrysler recall number is D55.

The left and right rear outboard seat belt retractor and turning loop bolts may not have been properly tightened. In the event of a crash, seat occupants may not be properly restrained, increasing the risk of injury. Dealers will inspect and tighten the affected fasteners. This recall is expected to begin on November 15, 2004. The Chrysler recall number is D52.

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Dodge Stratus Reviews

My 2002 stratus is great, but lately as I'm driving it loses power, my RPM needle goes down and then the engine shuts off, it's not the fuel pump, so sometimes this happens not very often.

i have a 2000 dodge stratus and while driving i felt the car shifting funny and noticed my speedometer jumping then the speedometer stopped working completely and transmission would not shift out of low gear.i have an automatic transmission and i believe its something to do with the transmission control module but not sure how to find out for sure which part it is,the fuse,relay or the tcm.any ...

We bought our dodge new in Kitty Hawk NC from a dealer. The brakes squeak and always have however, the dealer and his repair shop always say that nothing is wrong. Why then; do the brakes squeak? We told them about the problem from the beginning. We were told a couple of time that it was only a moisture build-up.....but, why???? just on this car??? And why does it continue to squeak??????...

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