dodge truck running sluggish or starving for fuel on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

my dodge ram 2500 cummins turbo diesel 5.9L wants to die from stop to takeoff and if i don't shift into nest gear at correct rpms it starts (feels like) missing, even if I do shift gears at correct rpms it still (at 60) feels like it is missing or starving for fuel. Need to find out where the fuel regulator switch is, can you also tell me where i can find it also. please help me. thanks

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Sounds like low lift pump pressure whihc may have taken out the injection pump. Common on this engine. Check transfer (lift) pump pressure first.
thank you for the information. that is what i thought it was and am going to change it out.
my injector pump is still good because the truck is still running. i had to replace the injector
pump a couple of years ago already so now i am gonna change out the lift pump now.

thanks again
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