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shows code 4th gear ratio incorrect never showed signal of going out
It doesn't do it when it when it's idled, but tends to get worse the more I drive it. I'm thinking the front shocks and such are going out.
-Coolant level is fine, flushed out heater core diretly, installed new thermostat still no change? -Both the mode and Blend air switches are manual(cable)and everything from the outside looks and sounds good. How do ...
I took it to shop and they don't normally work on ac..they said u had to take the motor out, but I can't see having to do that. Can anyone tell me how to fix myself. My drivers side floorboard fills with water.
I have a 2003 Dodge Stratus and for a whole year i had to have the cam sensor that is located on the top/side of the engine replaced 5 times from the dealership, however the last time they fixed it they kept my car fo...
Car will not start now at all. Got a new battery and that didn't help
I have a broken passenger window and am not quite sure how to get started installing the replacement window
I just got a 2003 dodge stratus and I keep getting a p0106 engine code it won't turn over I know its supposed to be a MAP Sensor so what should i do try to do it myself or take it to a mechanic