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When it shut off I pull over and it turns on 10 mins later , I drive and then it happen again 5 min kater then wait like 10 min and starts then my car is fin till the next day then starts all over ! I have no lights o...
after that I have no air/ heat nothing comes out. Thought it was fuses so had O reilly put a computer checker on it. No- thing is showing up on checker. Where could problem be..Had car since new no major problems at...
For a while my car has been making the rattling noise when I start it. After it warms up though, the sound would go away. Recently, when I start the car it dies immediately. I can keep it on if I leave my foot on the ...
My AC/heater blower stopped working. I found the problem with the fuse in the fuse box under the hood was the problem. I replaces that and it worked one time and now it blows that so we are trying to unhook the air c...
The car shut off when I came to a stop sign. After towing the vehicle home, it hadn't cranked since. I've replaced the fuel pump. It will turn over, but will not crank.
i need to know exactly how to change my spark plugs on my dodge stratus 2002 2.4l single cam sxt? thank you
Changed injrctors, fuel rail, fuel pump and cranks sensor. Am at a loss now!
I have to put oil in at least every one to two weeks
seems to happen mostly when cold, or just warmed up. problem is getting worse - at first it would start again right away, but now it's threatening to leave me stranded. Onl other clue i have- last time it wouldn't sta...
I have a 2002 Dodge Stratus 4 door with a 2.7. Can a 2.5 or a 3.0 Work with out having to change the Trans, CPU/ECU or any of the wiring harnesses?
i swapt motors but it wont fire,
schematics of water pump and belts
runs good, leaking about 1 quart a month, possible at weep hole
car startyed running reough once it warmed up. checked feul pump. now its running rough all the time and smoking and floors are very hot