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While driving my car started losing all of the power inside (lights, radio, clock, windows, etc) and when I would stop the engine would die. Also the engine would never shift while driving. Could that have something t...
I checked the breaks in they were good I don't known what it is
It leaks as soon as i pour coolant straight into the engine, i did hear some knocking noise like something fell off and now it wont start?
if the car is running lean, and not getting its full power. What can cause this and how can i fix it?
my cars heating does not work. when i turn on the heat it is some what warm for about 5 seconds then it goes cold like i turned on the AC. how can i fix it? and how much would it cost?
Fuel going to lines changed fuel filter. Car has power. Can't read codes with sensor,
Shuts off when I hit a bump with the front tires, but comes back on when I hit the bump with back tires. Now it just wants to go in reverse.I don't know what's going on
May be a video link if anyone's has one please thank you
the radio comes on and off as iam driving
when you replace the PCM you must short the injector & coil circuit. how?