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I've replaced the resistor twice in the last 30 days. It happens quits working in just over a week. It works fine until I switch the fan off.
I recently paid someone $765 to fix my dodge stratus and I got it back the very next day I smelled like a burning rubber and I popped the hood and seen flames shooting out and there was a thick white tape looking wire...
It just started and I don't want to mess us transmission
Tried using defrost....heat noted short period of time going to work, took almost 1/2 hr to feel any heat.. Tried heat coming home, nothing but cold air now. Defrost isn't working, concerned. I have had no problems wi...
When they use the diagnostic tool it don't work nor does it work for the mechanic what could be causing this because of this I am unable to pass emmission test
What is the correct part number for the timing belt cover?
I think it is either the power steering hose, belt or reservoir. What is the best method to check this
remove cam sensor from head and plug in, the motor will start, but runs poorly. move 1/2 inch close not touching head, motor dies.
my girlfriend always runs her car out of gas this last time this guy gave her gas but he didnt know how long the gas had been there and now it wont start but it over truns
I just got my car 3 days ago went on a trip and on the way home my car broke down 6 times and it started to smell like bad eggs i changed the spark plugs and wires three of them wher just finger tight and one of the w...