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I had a mechanic to look at it, he put a meter on it and said he couldn't find any thing wrong with it, turn the key and no lights, windshields don't work, how can I test it myself.
over heated and now the car will not start and when you try starting it it turn over the engine but with the radiator cap off it blows water out 2 ft high
On occasion while driving the signal lights, windows, heat/air, and radio will stop working. When I turn the car off and then back on again, everything works again. The battery and alternator were checked out and ar...
was driving and my car lost power like its not getting enough gas or a vaccum hose came off. checked code at autozone and said o2 bank 1 was bad. changed o2 sensor and egr but not fixed. seems to idle some with egr of...
windows,door locks work.radio wont come on and when yiu turn the key nothing only break light comes on the dash
throttlebody is where it started so master cylinder windshield and fuse biox are toast
Ive done a tune up, And also I replaced my ignition coil pack. can one slightly torn spark plug wire cause that issue?
I first try antifreeze coolant 50/50 because it was low in the coolant casein. can my thermostat need replacement.
I have a 1999 Dodge Stratus 2.4L 16 valve DOHC, and I am changing the crankshaft seal that is leaking bad. It is the first time I am changing on this type of vehicle. Are there any tips or precautions I should be awar...
I changed the air filter , the spark plugs in wires, also the O2 sensor and gas cap. what else can be keeping my check engine light on.
can the engine light come on if the air filter is dirty?
over and tried to start it i wouldn't i hooked it up to a scanner and pulled the codes it said cam shaft sensor put a new one on and just turns over no fire