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Fans don't work. Engine gets warm when idling or city driving. Fuses are good. I can't find a relay or a temperature sensor.
i have a problem with my brakes they will not pump up and i put a new master cylinder on it and still nothing what should i do
Heres my problem, when i turn the ingnition switch to crank the engine, nothing happens, everything from my radio to the display panel turn on but you cant hear nothing but the fuel pumpm activating, the engine is not...
I am trying to figure out where the flywheel is located. I need to see if I can fix this problem myself
Every now and then my car will just die..... It is a good little car and the majority of the time runs good!!!! then all of a sudden just dies!!!!!!! some say MAP sensor, some say fuel filter or pump...plz help!!!
What is the correct firing order for a '96 Dodge Stratus 2.4 liter?
I had some surging problems and had the problem coded. The code claimed I needed a new egr valve. One mechanic of mine got one from a junk yard, installed it, and I still had the surging problems. I went back to th...
my car has a problem with the odometer, sometimes it works and show you the maile the var has and the shift in which you are driving and sometimes not
how do i change water pump i need instructions
Since I am having surging and dieing problems and no engine codes come up would it help to replace the throttle positioning sensor and does this particular dodge model take a idle control valve?
I have surging problems when I come to a stop after traveling on the highway. It will surge and then act like it almost wants to die. Sometimes in some conditions it does die and I have to start it again. Sometimes...
My left brake light went out and my father tried to fix it for me. The part that holds the bulb cracked and we had to replace it. When he put it in, the left tail light and left reverse light went out as well. Also, m...
what kind of battery is in the 1996 dodge stratus?
How do u change the water pump?
My heat is barely blowing hot air. It's just warm enough to defrost the windows if I leave it run for awhile. If it sits idle for 10 minutes or so it will blow hot air but I start driving and it gets cool again. I ...