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leaking fuel need resolved asp
i have a '96 dodge Stratus SE 2.0L with a manual transmission. my car wont start. When I compress my clutch pedal, and turn my key to the start position it will click at my PDC, but wont send juice to anything. i have...
Had radiator chemically flushed because they said it looked like mud. They also said the belts are cracked and need to be changed along with the water pump. $109 for the radiator and $700 for the belts and water pump....
is it my altanator or batery
I am looking for an illustration of the water pump replacement. Anybody have one?
I have replaced the fuel filter and the car continues to die after a short run at a red light or stop sign. Is there an idle sensor that maybe the problem? If so where is the sensor located? Or is the fuel pump going ...
the tack,odometer and gear selector indicater only work occ.
Is it critical to change the timing belt when changing the water pump. This vehicle is a beater and dosn't travel far from home. I would just like to get maybe another year out of it.
runs starts hard warmed up fouls out rebuilt dis plugs wires crank sensor no vac leak whats up?
where is and how do you get at the water pump.
driving down road, motor dies. This happened friday 12/10/10 in simpsonville, ky. motor turns over but will not start. diagnosed as bad timing belt. how do i replace the timing belt?
car cut off and want start
my car will not start at all it wont turn over nothing but when i turn the key on the lights and evey thing still come on. i tryed charging the battery jumping it help
fan and air conditioning control only works on level four: full blast
how to replace starter