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Car drives fine at low speeds, but when im driving on highway doing around 100km it feels as if im applying brakes, drops about 5-10km then it will then go back to normal , all while keeping the gas pedal in the same ...
I just did the headgasket, plugs, wires, cap and rotor and oil change/ coolant flush. It ran fine for a day then all of a sudden will not fire on 2. I have spark and fuel pressure is good. Replaced all the vacuum line...
Then shut off, hard to restart, now won't start at all. Changed fuel filter and relay. Checked vacuum lines as well. Would checking fuel pressure help or is it something else? Any suggestions would be greatly appre...
I changed out the relays and put in a new distributor. I thought it was the fuel pump but was told because there is a click when I turn the key in the ignition and it turns over that is not that. any help totally appr...
I have a 1994 Dodge spirit that will not start, I've changed the starter but still no click sound all fuses are good what could it be
I need to know how to remove the panel so I can get at the radio so I can remove it.
what tools is needed to replace the starter and How do you replace the starter
i have a 94 dodge spirit 2.5 l 4 cyl. engine and i need to know how to set the timing so how do i set the timing and what do i do?
Where are the air bag sensors located, and how to test or reset?
have done what haynes manual said still cannot get to it
how do i adjust these head lights. my drivers side is shining more to the right than strait. i looked but didn't see any adj. screws for it. this type of head light is new to me.
my driver wiper arm when in use, goes over the windshield, how can i adjust the arm so it stops before the edge of the windshield and not go off of it.