1990 Dodge Ram Van B250 Questions

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Tried to disconnect the vacuum harness from the three solenoids mounted on top of the passenger side valve cover and the plastic vacuum lines were so dry they snapped like twigs. I am having a hard time finding a repl...
About 3 times applying brakes caused headlights to slightly flicker. Next time flicker, dim to yellow and went out. Now no headlights, running lights, dash lights, brake lights nor power door locks. All fuses are goo...
I hooked the battery backwards.
It started clunking once in a while when rolling up. Now it clunks and won't roll down. I'm trying to find pics for taking apart and trouble shooting.
My proportioning valve's button is popped out and is frozen in place. Loosen it? Rebuild it? Help!
Went to start van. wouldn't turn over. tried pouring gas in carb still wouldn't turn. changed spark plugs no avail. Had no problem prior to this
Car wont start poured gas in carbourater still would not turn over. Had no problemprior to that
The unit is by the right rear tailgate door. I have not found any drawings/step by step instructions.
I have about 12 volts at the separate rear blower switch
will it cause other problems if I continue to drive it its already driving rough because of the water pump going bad
to get connected the dash board control panel for AC and heating with the vacuum lines in the back. Because they are coloured and get connected with 6 black house and 1 red house.
check gages light comes on, but van was still running for quite some time, all gages stopped working, then van stalls.
engine want idle or go when cold