1995 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Questions

Answered 1995 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Questions

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My van has sputtered while driving on several occasions. I've had to pat the accelerator repeatedly each time to coast it home. I purchased a fuel pump and would like to know if there are location and installation gui...
the gas pump quit working and the tank is full i would like to put an external fuelpump on the van as i do not what to pull the gas tank off? can external gas pump be put on?
is thare a acses plate for the Fuel pump relay in dodge ram 1995
took gas pump out of tank hook it directly to the battery and the pump is pumping
Can a 1500 rear end gear be installed in my van's rear end to improve gas mileage? Am getting 13 MPG on open highway
after my truck has sat for a while it starts hard and then runs badly and then quits as if it is starving for fuel and then it is hard to start again. what do you think is the problem?