1997 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Questions

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If i keep my van under 45 mph my van doesnt shake at all.... if I get up to 45 mph or greater my van shakes and doesnt stop shaking. until I stop or park

i need to know if this car has a carburetor?

give gas its bogs down like its starving for gas unhook fuel line from fuel has pressure

All parts have been replaced, even the ECM a couple years ago. O2 sensor has been replaced 3 x's in 2 yrs. Ignition coil 2 x, crank sensor, plugs, complete fuel tank and filter change, some other type of sensors and still the problem continues. Just paid shop yesterday, problem was supposed to be fixed with another ignition coil and plugs, on the way home and work today, stalls while driving. Takes a few times to get it going again. Had Autozone last week say it was missing on 1, 3 and 5 and ignition coil issue. Just do not understand this. It is our only vehicle and we need it for work.

i change the water pump, thermostat checks for leaks,after changeing thermostat i can drive it about 30 minute before it all the way in red zone if i stop and just let it run it will go to normal

when opening the door in the real of the door there is a lock assembly that has a broken spring that operates the lock to keep the door closed and locked

My 1997 dodge van is not running rite it cut off after 20 minutes wat can that be

I need help to get it running right

it drives perfect all the time except when driving it in the rain. Is it getting water in somewhere electrical? When pushing gas pedal down it just doesn't have power. It feels like its not getting gas or something. It backfires a time or two but not every time. I do have a leak inside passenger side don't know if this related to this problem or not. My neighbor told me I was leaking something from passenger side under motor. Again don't know if this is relevant to this or not. Having a friend to check fluids today.

is there a way to reset the pcm so i dont have these issues?

happens every day, start good cold. cranks great won't start warm.must set a day then will start.