Stalls out

Wanting to change tran fiuld an filter, an for furture reference like to know.

First time it ever happened

This is the reason my van didn't pass smog

If i apply a little gas while i shift in to reverse it will not stall unless i back off the pedel,

Its has 4 way ABS instead of 2 and cant seem to get solid pedal even after bleeding brakes.Cant figure what to do next. Any suggestions!!

Now it takes longer to start, i was able check for fire from coil wire, nothing, checked again an hour later started up.I did check engine light code sreach came up with # 32, 62. Forgot I had battery problems last month, fixed.

my heater blower stoped working no heat comes out ay all also what fuse number can I try or fuse for heat

t does not come on unless I turn key off on too or three times replaced relays runs when engine light comes on.

I just want to know if there is a difference with dodge 250 and 2500 models?

Can it be done by removing the Oil Pan?

It Runs great for maybe 25 miles then loses power and will not pull up small grade. After It sits a few minutes. It will start running good for a little while then same story. It has new plugs,wires,rotor button and cap,and coil. Could this be a computer problem or maybe a sensor? Does anyone have any ideas.There are no engine codes. The length of drive is different miles.