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then where the mileage shows I am getting No Bus where the numbers are. If I let it cool down it will start until I am driving for awhile then it shuts down again. What does no bus mean?
we changed the crankshaft position sensor and the cam shaft postion sensor the codestill reads p0320
It started when I ran low on gas. It keeps shutting down after running a few minutes unless I keep my foot on gas pedal.
MIL on / computer is new ( rebuilt )
i have put a fuel pump, a water pump, a crank shaft sensor, checked all the fuses, made sure it has gas , put a new distribtor on it ....don't no what else to do please help with info asap....thanks
this happens after driving awhile but will start showing a slow charge back to full this is an intermitten problem
changed plugs,still wont start.would it be the crank sensor?it was running perfect when I parked it the night before.i sprayed carb cleaner and didn't even start.
recently replaced spark plug wires, ignition coil, cap & rotor, but still major loss of power...misfiring upon shifting into any gear/
Van died while driving, replaced crank sensor ,plugs,checked for spark,good, checked for fuel, 45lbs. pulled code p0601 and replaced computor,still have a no start condition, Timing is dead on also, any ideas I'm at a...
blower motor does not work on high speed. The problem occurs all the time
I replaced gas cap. Malfuntion light still on. I want to check evap hose to evap canister. where is it located?
I jump start my van and it works and 5 min later the check gauge light came on and the van dies out again.i think its a power shortage but i dont know where to start.please help me.....
Pulley I am refering to is about three inches in diameter is located directly under the alternator on the vehicle. The engine is a V-6. Pulley making a hissing noise, otherwise vehicle runs well.
I have already replaced the bulb and that was not the problem. The high beam works just not the low beam, swapped bulbs with the left side and it is the same problem "left works fine, right only has high beam".