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Went to service to replace alternator and after that hear engine so loud inside my van that I never noticed before. Sound Coming from or through the dashboard. please any advice/ideas??? Thanks.
when you engage the passing gear it bucks and surges like it has a govener on it but when you unhook passing gear cable and put it in to passing gear manually it don't surge
I took my van in for oil change and tune up. 300 miles later engine light comes on. computer says it is misfire on cylinder 5. take it back to place, they say there is a vacuum leak and i need a fuel cleaning. So a $1...
Cranks but won't catch. Tried ether, didnt work. Need ideas. Please help.
I was making a turn in the middle of the intersection and while i was making the turn the van just cut off and i had to push it out for the road and let it sit for about 10 mins before it would start again. before it ...
when i get to 50 to 55 seems like it wants to stall like a very fast stop and go series of bursts new plugs ,rotor and distributor
i use last week work perfect and this morning start to do that. what can i do. or what is the problem. thank you.
Altinator not keeping the battery charged. removed old one to replace thermostat. put back on, not keeping battery charged. Replaced it w/new one still not charging.
My 2001 w/318 started bucking and dying on way home. Would start back up but had to feather throttle and baby it to get back home 10 miles. Tried to start next day, would crank normally but not start. Tried ethe...
Drove van to work and back today, no problems. Later, went to store, left vehicle idling with A/C running(approx. 10 min.). Left to go to parents house. Upon putting vehicle in gear, alarm sounded and message displaye...
When using the air conditioning while idling or driving the engine overheats and then stalls. It drives fine as long as I don't turn the air on. What could cause this?
My engine light came on to I took the truck to the service department. I was informed that the fuel tank vent lines were cracked and the venting pump malfunctioned. Cost to be repaired: $340.00. Do they make this s...