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after it starts it kills,hard to start.kills when driving,i have replaced dist.dist.cap&rotor,plugs&wires,coil pack,o2 censor,thermostat,coolant temp sensor and crank pos. sensor. fuel pump has 40lbs+ pressure. fuel l...
i just did a tune up, new fuel injectors and replaced the map sensor my fuel pump is at 59 psi at idle i also changed the coil because it was running rich i had black soot coming from tail pipe in nov 2010 now its jan...
dies while driving,sometimes hard to start,new plugs,wires,rotor and dist.cap.the idol control mod. does not seem to function. how far does the I.C.M.suppose to travel? no diference when idoling, pluged in or unpluged...
is there a place i can go an put in the vin # an find out what the size is
it is blowing cold air. what could be issues be?
where is the oil pump located
when the key is turned the van wont turn over. Only get a click-click sound. need to get to the mechanic w/o a tow. where is the bottom of the starter located?
the light was not on when we bought it a week ago
my van gets stuck in overdrive when getting on the freeway and will not go pass 60 to 65 miles per hr until it comes out of it, that usaully takes about 5 minutes or more.
Sometimes when I start the engine the blower motor will not come on untill I am going down the road. While I was coming to work it started slowing down by the time I got to work it was just barely blowing and the moto...
water is leaking in on the passenger side ,from the a/c
The fuses blow when replaced. I have disconnected the trailer hitch wiring and replaced the healight switch and cleaned up battery terminals and still have blown fuses. Does anybody have ideas where to start looking f...
cant get the vacume to open the right doors that allow the cold air condition to work
When I go to slow down at a red light, stop sign or when I turn the corner van dies out. I put the van in neutral and it starts right back up.
incorrect voltage from rear speed sensor when vehicle moves over 15 mph. i changed the sensor and removed the code and the code came back over 15 mph. what should i do.