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Vehicle is a rear wheel drive 1999 Dodge 3500 5.9Liter with a vibration that starts at 55mph and gets worse at higher speeds.I have been advised to replace all u-joints and bearings from the transmission to the rear o...
check engine light on tested it and codes are p1689 and p1693 what are they.
It starts, idles, and takes off fine. but looses power especially up grades, checked for leakes, changed fuel filter, tried resetting apps with no response. no codes or ck eng light on
How do you adjust the park brake on a Dodge 3500 5.9L Diesel Turbo engine, manual transmission. Engaging the park brake does not stall the truck out when it's in gear. Also, if you leave the truck in neutral on a incl...
over about 12 RPMs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I have a '99 Ram Van 3500 that has been converted into a camper. The van only has about 50k miles and is generally in great shape, except that the A/C has a leak and won't hold refrigerant. The van has two units, one ...
The seat belts won't work. They will not come out when trying to put them on.
I am having a hard time removing the clip style connector to the back of the alternator housing. Is there some trick to get this to release?
could front abs be deleted
I am replaceing the front wheel hub assy. on my Dodge 3500 4X4. what is the torque suppose to be for installation?
my truck is haveing problem stating i have to spray stating fludid sometimes to get it running what is the problem
what is the problem