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My father wants to know what the correct way is to adjust the head lights back to factory settings... Any ideas???
this sounds weird, but when it is cold outside ie. 0 to 40 degrees,there is a high pitched ringging heard at different times - not constantly, the ringging pitch can be raised or lowered by lightly tapping throttle pe...
i got about half tank of gas the other day and about i mile away it started hesitating and losing power for about 30 seconds then went awayfor the next mile or so thst i drove it.i parked it for half hour or so then c...
2001 Dodgr Ram Diesel will not start. It is getting no fuel. What is wrong?
what is code 1740 when the check engine light is on
The engine is running about 190' but the heater will not get hot; only warm.
request costs to replace the evaporator
I need an estimate on replacing the driversside hub on the front of a 2001 dodge ram diesel
I have a lot of underbody rust, the outer body is great but underneath the truck there is a lot of rust. Can this truck be saved ?
lost belt on crank pulley then lost sepiten belt
HWY driving the check engine light comes on and occasionally I can feel something shift in the transmission
Diesel specialist needed. Hello guys, I'm new to the site. Been searching on here forever for an answer to my trucks lttle problem,....but I did not succeed to find one. Sooo i signed up,...and here is my questi...
I own a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Extended Cap 4x4 PU with a 5.9L diesel engine. Currently the transmission "hesitates" (as if it were starting out in second or third gear)if left in drive but if shifted manually appears to...
My o1 dodge while driving at steady rpm of 1300 to 1700 the tranny seems to be shifting up nad down. i have had alternator wires rerouted, tranny rebuilt. Some have said the TPS is giving off stray voltage causing the...
truck runs fine till 45 mph then begins to surge stops surging at 55 mph. does not surge at all with overdrive off.