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Ive recharged the battery and it sounds strong but the engine dosent start. Again Generator light comes on.Coil or Altenator?? Thanks much
does it for a few seconds before it shifts any gear after shifting it stops but does not do it unless your exhilarating
when in gear converter locks up and kills engine at stops
It took the truck about 1\2 hr to die after GEN light came on. Battery was bad and I replaced it. After replacing battery the engine turns over but will not start. I had the alternator tested and it passed. Tried chec...
I ran the truck 600 miles towing a car there and back. The check in lite came on my way there. I was running it in overdrive some of the way there on the way back with no overdrive it started popping up thru the air c...
My truck has the 5.9 diesel and the transmission was rebuilt into a heavy duty unit with an aftermarket torque converter. Two months out of warranty the drive gear seems to lose power at times. I have only put 14,000 ...
my heater will only blow warm air when i have it set to recirculate
when the van is idling and tune the heater on that's just idling the temp goes up and up then when i am going about 35 or faster the temp goes down. I have checked out the coolant it is full and I did flush it out ve...
The only think I have done to the truck was to change the batteries not too long ago. I checked and can't find any obvious vacumn hose deteriation.
no leaks, presure is good. Condenser has been cleaned. checked all fuses. still blows cool. Thanks Mike
I am trying to clean the evaporator core to get more air flow through my vents - how do I do this? Do you have to pull the blower motor and if so where and how? Thanks!
The sealt belt is stuck and will not release. How do you release it