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looking to get it back in 2 wheel drive. As you know cant drive on the road with it in 4 wheel drive low. No matter where switch is set it will not come out of LOW.
It acts like it is locked down for security. Is there some sort of child saftey sendor that does not allow truck to start ?
Hear wind noise coming from closed sunroof when driving over 20 miles per hour. The Sunroof is not completely sealed tight when closed.
No codes, checked all fuses in fuse box. It burned through the smaller gauge positive battery wire. Blower motor works but only blows hot air.
water pump for 2009 dodge ram...can I use a 2008 water pump
I was driving came to a stop then went to take off and noticed truck was barely moving. I noticed it was stuck in 4th gear and engine light was on. went to have codes read, P0750 Low Reverse Solenoid Circuit was bad. ...
runs ok then randomly starts hesitating or stalls and bolt light flashes. sometimes engine light comes on, not always. first time changed a chip, then said could be the gas, this time said it was the battery. bought...
truck is atarted every day. never has had a problem. went out this morning to go to work and it tryed to turn over but would not start.
Hello, When I bought the truck a year ago it had a sour smell when you turned on the air conditioning. I though maybe because it was a new truck...but it is still there. Has anyone heard of this before?
Where is the outside temp sensor located and are there any recalls for the sensor?
When you start motor, fan door is stuck so it knocks for 3-5 minutes. Noise is under dash. Air seems to be affected during knocking. Dealer said parts for repair might be available late August. Not except-able! This i...
My 2009 Ram 1500 has stalled twice in the last week at low speeds. The ETC light never comes on even temporarily when starting. The owners manual says if this happens, return to dealer to fix. They currently don't kno...