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I'm down to the heads but I see a what looks like a plastic cover at the front side of left head. Does that have to come out to remove the head bolts? If so, how?
I've checked all the fuses, and the fuel pump starts up when the key is turned on. It was running and driving fine until I shut it off to change my fuses to the new smart light up fuses and then it stopped working. Th...
but I cant find that warning light symbol to tell me what the problem is. it come up where the windshield fluid light is . and flashes
it does not function at all.
I had Freon checked and ac clutch is spinning
P2181 code. VIC reading for the cooling shows normal op. temp. 194- 200. sometimes it shows nothing and a code pops P 2181. Several times I've had engine starting problems. The engine cranks several times I turn the...
Truck starts to vibrate when MDI kicks in.. Any ideals?? I can down shift ot give it gas and it will go away.. 30-50mph range
I purchased a new ABS control module for my truck, and am picking it up tomorrow. My question is simple: do i need to program the module? I purchased it from a dealer. Thanks in advance!
i dont believe it is mechanical is there a sensor or relay or sumthing that could cause that
water is dripping out the handle you hold on to close to windshield
My GPS was plugged into the power plug which turns off when you turn off the car. When I unpluged it, it seems to be holding up. Any Ideas??
how do i change it