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I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.7 hemi. I have both PO171 and PO172 codes. Can clear them but they come back. Please help?????
Getting hot, mechanic said fan clutch bad, replaced and topped off all fluids. 2 weeks later, coolant low, oil 1/2 qt low. when pulling fill cap for oil had condensation in it..Coolant??
I was getting a code for lean mix bank 1 and 2, it was having hard cold starts, a lot of stumbles until it was warmed up, then occasional stumbles or completely cut out at highway speed, but didnt die. I had a problem...
crank sensor or cam sensor or both plus when i hit the gas hard no power
Changed all 6 spark plugs , coil packs are fine.. there is still a clicking noise coming from under the hood with a rough idle & check engine light flashing...could it be the EGR valve or PDC valve?? Thanks
It starts when i keep my foot on the gas but dies when i take it off
started twice after that with gas pedal at half let off would die hasn't started since have all kinds of codes cant get them to clear either before this idled a little rough some times other than that was fine. Ive c...
What would I have to do to put a 5.7hemi or 6.1 or preferably a 6.4l hemi in my truck
Had a full systems check an aftermarket wiring checked and everything's fine not sure what can be causing this have to get it jumped then it's fine.
I'm trying to reset the gauge. It went to 130 when I removed the battery cables to clean them and the battery posts. Gauge is always on 130 now. How do I reset it? Thank you,
Truck sometimes runs great then starts to hesitate. replaced TPS and fuel pressure is within specs??????