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Changed the crank sensor and that did nothing. Haven't had much time to mess with it. Liking for ideas of what else it could be.
The sensor for the outside Temperture where the Wireing side of the sensor connects with the sensor itself the wires have been eaten up by mag chloride and broke at the plug its self where can I get just the Wireing ...
So I keep getting water in my engine and also in my air box right above the manifold. My ram is not over heating. Has anyone had this issue and wat could be the problem?
After a few miles of driving it will shift what could be the reason
Seems the racket is coming from passenger side. We have spent close to 4,500.00 since 2008.
I've already replaced all the sensors and plugs ,coils and starter. Even bought 2 computers. Checked the wires for power and all the grounds. Even looked for any frayed or split wires. We cannot find anything wrong. T...
my transmission wont shift into park all other gear work. only other thing is that i have to rev it really high (above 3000 rpms) to get it to shft out of 1st.
between 1300rpm and 2000rpm goes away above or if I let off. Worse at 50-70 mph
I was towing a boat uphill and the reverse gear went out.
I had recieved a reman head from advance auto for my 03 ram 1500, got it all together and noticed that the head they gave me had an egr port on the front of it, bought a block off and installed that, when its running ...