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My engine light is off so it want give no codes but my truck dies at stops unless its in neutral
This started a couple weeks ago had to change the plugs they were foweled replaced one coil pack ran ok for a week then came the lose of power and roughness
not having the instructions i messed up when i installed a new gauge cluster backing cover. this replaces the factory white gauges with a new chrome backing cover. i removed all the gauge needles, installed the cover ...
Replaced plugs, coil packs on each cylendar not just 7. Just had a new catalytic converter and dual exhaust installed in July.
when starting my dodge ram I have to step on the gas to start the truck when I did not have to step on the gas before. The CGlight comes on off and on whats causing or maybe causing this to happen?
Ever since I bought the truck the heater hasn't worked. It makes no strange noises when running it just blows cold air. and the only setting that works is high. Truck is running at normal temp. antifreeze is full. Jus...
It's a 03 dodge red 4 door style overheated and they are telling me needs new heads... As well as gasket kit contact me for more info
ok changed the caliper changed the rotor because i still had a sound and got told it could be a warped rotor well now my rotor it super hot and is almost a burnt color what can this be because im getting tired of spen...
Have spark and injector pulse
I have looked and cannot find the source of power for the cruise. no fuses or relays labeled cruise control, what does it piggyback with
good for a few thousand miles, light back on same code, can't find problem any clues as to where to look