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Hesitation round 1500 rpm. No codes battery voltage approximately 14.4 volts
We changed fuel pump,plugs,rotor and cap. Started as hard starts to flooding to no start. when pulled spark plug fuel came out.
Heather is blowing ice cold, water flow is good, heater hoses are warm to the touch, radiator cap is cool to the touch even after truck sits at an idle for 1/2 an hour
It shifts fine when I get off the throttle, but if it shifts down and I stay on it, then it will not shift up.
transfer case/transmission. The center piece between the transmission and the transfer case on my pickup busted but i think the tranny ans case are still good. I found the 231 part at the junkyard and need to know i...
I've been rebuilding this truck since it was in an accident. I have somewhat of a power steering assist when I step on the gas. I looked under the vehicle it seems as though the pitman arm is way off in regards to the...
I have a 2000 Dodge 1500 truck 2 wheel drive manual transmission. is a 2001 manual transmission compatible with 2000 truck? can I swap them out with no problems
have replaced starter relay, had starter checked out but blows the ignition 20 amp fuse in main fuse box under hood
When I start my truck the AC fan may or may not come on but after driving a while it just starts blowing again. When it goes off it still has a little bit of air coming from the vents. Air is cold.
From a stop and easing into the throttle I have no slippage, if I apply a moderate amount of throttle like I'm trying to jump into traffic or something it slips after coming out of 1st gear and slips until I let off t...
starts squeaking when accelerating