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I have checked all fuses that I know to check 3 times. ASD relay does not seem to click/engage when key is in run position, but starter relay will click/engage when key is turned to start. I have swapped known good re...
I can drive the truck as little as two miles and when I get back in it won’t start. No solenoid clicking and no starter spin. I have a good battery. Lights come on bright. What is it?
could someone tell me the exact location of my crank sensor on a 5.2L dodge truck 1500 1997.
had have my system check numerous times and it always reads EVAP emissions. what can I do do elimanate this from having my check engine light to always come on
At what mileage should the timing chain be replaced?
How do you remove the rear axles on a 1997 dodge 1500 p/u
My truck overheats only while driving never while idling.Ihave replaced the thermostat,waterpump,and the fan clutch fan assembly.
I'm having trouble getting the brake drums off. In the manual it says that there is a slot to release the tension of the brake pads... haven't been able to located this slot. Any input is appreciated.
hello i have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 4x4 390ci and when i get to 50mph and the truck is just crusing the truck starts to shake and the service engine light starts flashing when i let off the gas the truck stops shaking
Truck won't start. New battery. New alternator. Clicks one time when trying to start. Steering column movement makes it start most the time.
Emissions test failed, reason given, emissions test computer not detecting any codes from on-board computer. For about a month now, slow starting and at times truck engine cuts off while driving. Sometimes engine will...
2000 rpms my truck backfires any suggestions
My Ram was low on brake fluid. I added 1 quart of dot3 brake fluid. It keeps disappearing. There are no visible leaks. Any suggestions?
Okay, I have replaced : plugs, wires, coil, air filter, oil, fuel pump, new relays, new cat, crankshaft position sensor, all the gaskets from the pistons on up. The truck dies whenever it wants to, sometimes starts ba...
after driving for about an hour the oil light turns on and the oil pressure goes to 0. I turn off truck then turn on and I can drive another 1 hour or so the it happens again. about 80 mph.