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I have got the trucks cracked up dash off. . Noticed why the radio not working. there is not even a wire harness to hook it up.. Just for looks i guess.. The wires are open cleaned like your hand spread apart. But i c...
My 1995 dodge ram1500 p/u driver door latch/lock isn't working. The key won't lock/unlock and the door won't latch closed. I have to tie it shut with rope/bungee cords.How do I repair it myself?
my van broke down seemed like it wasnt getting fuel .spryed starting fluid it started right up went about half mile stalled again would not start even with starting fluid.went out a couple of hours later started right...
What causes a speedometer to stop working? odometer and speedometer not working. fuel,battery oil and temp gauges work fine.
it sounds like it has a miss throughout the rpm range and doesnt get very good gas mileage. changed the spark plugs and wires but that didnt help.
i have a 1995 dodge ram 1500 pickup. it was running fine until i went to pass someone and it hesitated. The passing gear did not kick in it seems that all power was gone. I just put gas in it from a station I hardly ...
i have a 1995 ram truck, GR vacuum valve was melted , i replaced it now when i press on the gas pedal truck dies out. why?
I am purchasing a used 1995 RAM 1500, the airbag light on the dash is on. What does it mean, and wht do I do about it?