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it is a white wire a brown wire and a purple/white wire that came loose from the switch
should the coil wire coming from the coil, make a spark to ground? not getting any kind of fire.
It is not getting any gas to the engine. I believe it is the fuel pump but because I just bought the van I don't know where the fuel pump is located.
I was able to locate the sensor - but I can barely get my hand to where it is located - I see no easy way to get a tool in there. So before I start taking things off the engine I figured I would ask here first. My ...
1994 dodge ram 1500 truck light issue. When I turn my headlights on the back passenger lights go out completely. When I turn off headlights the light comes back on. Ideas?
I have put some older resistors in line with it but it makes it stay on 0. Thanks
✔ Plugs and wires. Fuel pump working. It cranks but will not turn over
truck turns over but wont start
truck turns over but wont start
I i have changed the coil and no spark to the coil ihave replaced all the sensors in tranny why wil it not start
My truck stopped running like it went out of gas while i was driving. I determined it was the fuel pump and had it replaced. The truck ran fine for 4 days, I went to start it and it wouold crank but not turn over. I r...
Engine turns over but does not start I have retrieved code 11 and 37, any help would be appreciated
changed the map senson also had to remove the cat converter