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what steps to repair a 98 dodge neon 200 to replace the front crankshaft seal
electric fans coming on & off after turning heater on when cars cold?
I have a Dodge Neon 1997 whitch ws reset and needs to pass emissions, what is the drive time please?
I can smell something burning. A friend told me my caliper is locked up. I can hear a clunking noise when driving.
I've taken my Dodge Neon to the mechanic 3X for what he said was a defective fuel pump. It still runs rough and dangerously (slowing down to 5 miles an hour or just quitting altogether) HELP! I don't know if I shoul...
My car will drive fine and then all of a sudden,it slows down to nothing. Jerks,shrudders and slows down to about 5 miles an hour. Not only is this humiliating,it's dangerous and I'm scared to drive it. I've taken it...
I brought this 1997 dodge neon from someone.I never drove it in the dark and I found out the dashlight doesnt work.I try fuse but it still no light Please help me
steering wheel is stuck in down position. how do I lift? there is no lever that I can find
leaking oil at head
car will not smog check engine light on code p1495, what could be the problem?
Does anyone have a diagram for know where i can find one ?>
check engine light comes on,need to find out how to complete drive cycle.
My 1997 dodge neon has been overheating for about 2years on and off. For the past 2 months it overheats if I drive it more than 20 minutes. Everyday! Now that the weather is hot, I can't go more than a few miles. Wate...
two hose nipples come off the radaitor one to far left if you are facing the car and one to the right . witch hose goes where . i may have them switched . or one was not tight enough . started engine it started leakin...
detail on how to replace head gasket, parts needed, torque specs