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Changed fuse and new 25A fuse blows every time I turn heater on. Is the heater motor the problem?
new bulbs, and they dont work. friend of mine who has experienced this before said its the switch. So is that a common problem?
I put new spark plugs,wires,coil, o2 sensors, checked for vacuum leaks. The injectors are the only thing not checked
Heater will not work. Filled coolant yesterday now it's empty today. What is going on! Where is the coolant going?
My immediate issue is it eats up 3 quarts of oil per month. I don't see much smoke coming out of the exhaust, only if it idles like waiting to pick up daughter. I see a tiny drip by the oil pan. Is it ok to use that s...
my brake light will not go off and my oil light came on. both lights are on I have oil in my car and brake fluid is full what is wrong
ive replaced starter, ig swicth, fuesable link, relays,key cylinder,it will not start with the key but will if i jump the starter at the energizing wire but no power to start and run the car.
my son usually takes care of this. I am low on oil and need to know exactly where to put it. Sorry if this sounds silly
just died and wont start after hitting a pothole, what might be wrong and whats the fix?
i have a 1995 dodge neon r/t and it will not turn over. the battery is brand new and there is gas in it. my dad thinks that it's the fuse to the fuel pump but the issue is that neither of us knows where that is. any h...
Dont know what happend but my 5speed manual shifter just wont shift. It feels loose as if its no longer connected to anything..
when i turn my heater on the engine will start to idle faster than normal and my headlights flicker like the car is about to die. Any suggestions?
get 95 neon out of limp mode
car seemed to run out of fuel and died on the road.has new fuel pump.checked relays,fuses.no power to harness except to the sending unit.also found ignition doesnt seem to be working.i got it runnin couple times by tu...
Bought this car today for $300 from a friend. He told me it had been cutting out on him but would always restart after 10 or 15 minutes. I drove it 60 miles home today. the check engine light came on within a mile or...