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Comes on and off sometimes stays on tried reset with key in on position pressing gas etc didn't work. Will be getting sensor today. Labor at mechanics is a bit to high for a problem with limited funds at the moment. I...
changed the motor on passenger side the cable came off cant get it back on can you help
I think the fuel pump is out and need to test the pressure valve
Just got into a accident where my Dodge Magnum was t-boned. Leaving both the passenger side door dent to all damnation. I am trying to price how much it would be to replace both the front and back passenger doors.
I replaced the fuel level sensor inside the gas tank,and made sure no vent hoses had kinks or folds as well. And still nothing. Level indicates half a tank on empty and and when I got half a tank, it registers full tank.
rhe car has power lights, locks, windows everything works it just does not turn over the way its suppose to what could be wrong
On wed i went to start my car and it wouldnt start. When i turn the key absolutely nothing happens. The instrument panel does not light up nor does the radio come on. The battery is fine, lights are not dim, power loc...
I actually have a couple different lights coming on and off. my voltage light and my malfunction indicator light. can i really be having all of these problems at once. oh, and it's overheating. i only have 64,000 mile...
it's only happened one time. i want to know if its a battery problem or an alternator problem
can i manually close the window on my 2007 dodge 2.7 liter engine magnum?....all the other windows are working and all electronics appear to be in working order, only the 1 window not responding. id rather it stuck cl...
I need to change my plugs on 2007 magnum, 3.5 what do I have to remove to get to the plugs?
There doesn't seem to be a switch for the rear wiper. Where would it be?