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My car won't start at all. the )/( dashboard light came on . light everything is on but, not crunk on. I'm even able to turn the key on but nothing.....
How do i fix it? Fuses are good
this problem became evident after trying to engage cruise control without success
How much does it cost to fix code P0430?
so just what updates do I ask for spacifically in order to fix this "FLICKERING LIGHTS" problem I have? All the dealers around here have no clue of how to fix this problem, they even have tried replacing the headlight...
start. After the car was repair four days later the same problem. The car would not start at all, the car will not turn over. Could it be the starter the reason why it is not starting.
My car won't shift out of Park. The mechanic says I need a shifter assembly and wants to charge $359.00 to repair it. This seems high to me.
Hello, Never had this problem before but today when i started my car the Eas light came on, i followed another forums suggestion of turning the wheels right and then left and then back to center and then turning car ...
taken lugs off but wheel will not come off
therez a whining noise coming from the engine bay that jus bearly started and i want to say itz the power steering pump going out or the pulley
This car has a 2.7 L V6 engine. I have not been smelling the rotten egg smell. the engine light came on and i took it in to havce it checked and was told the engine was all carboned up. That it needed a new catalytic ...
i replaced the water pump and my car is still overheating. the symptons are as follows: checked the oil, there seems be no coolant mixed in, heater blows cold air, bled the system to remove air but air continues to re...
interior lights went out and won't come back on . Fuses are good