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Newest reported 2006 Dodge Magnum problems


Verified for the Dodge Magnum

In cold weather, vehicles equipped with premium brakes may experience a rear brake squeal. Replacing the brake pads will not commonly fix the problem; instead, revised rear rotors are available.

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Reported by tollandk and 32 others for the Dodge Magnum

When driving my magnum at random times all my dashboard lights come on and my gauges drop to zero. As quick as this happens, it stops. problem can occur when I hit a bump driving or sitting at a red light. Have had it to the dealership and had the computers updated, but this has not helped. Codes indicate a possible need to replace the FCM Module and the IPM module, but service department is not confident that will resolve the problem. Sa...

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Reported by cyscott and 2 others for the Dodge Magnum

The sunroof would not close completely flush with the roof of the vehicle causing a loud wind noise. I found a related TSB and it recommended pulling a fuse while the sunroof is opening, replacing the fuse and proceeding to open and close the sunroof. Worked for me!

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Verified for the Dodge Magnum
Spilling beverages around the cup holder may cause the lid to stick or bind.
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