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I stop see motor oil is low and cooling fluid is low too. diagnosis said P0700, transmission mechanic said $1,500 to rebuild the transmission, car can be drive in city but on freeway can't perform good, can you tell m...
tranmisson wien could shif ok wien stop car shif down ,car will not shif up car trune car off restart it will shift but car will not go over 20 mil. hr
2003 intrpide will not shif after stop shut down car will shif but not go over 20 mil. hr.
had oxygen senor changed sparks plug changed 2 engine coils changed oil changed please help does it seem like its the dying?
We don't see any leaks anywhere and no broken lines that we can tell. My husband is disabled and will hurt himself trying to figure it out so any advice or suggestions will be extremely appreciated.
I try to start it back up, but it hesitates then stalled again. Oil is good too.
Ive placed the resevoir that had a small leak,removed the air and it ran fine for a few weeks,but,every few weeks after a short highway trip it will boil over
For the ac/heat there is a digital bar on the dash where i can turn the temperature up and down. my windows got to where they wouldnt roll up or down sometimes they would sometimes they wouldnt, but at the same time w...
ac bowing hot off and on
I let the car run for about 10 minutes with the a/c on, then I turned the engine off. When I turned it back on without the a/c the clicking started getting louder and it seems to be coming from the top of the engine....